COVID-19 Update from Edge Solutions Group

We recognize the critical role in keeping your processes and systems up and running. Below you will find key components of our plan to ensure continuity of services to our clients, and your continuity of business operations, as well as some tips for the use of your technology in a remote context.

Continuity of Service: We have a staffing and coverage plan in place to remain responsive to your systems’ and process needs to ensure continuity of service in support of your business.  We have streamlined processes for rolling out secure remote access systems, taking into account the need to support various client employee-owned computer systems and Internet connections, as well as the ability to extend legacy phone systems beyond your office.

Onsite Work: Until March 31st, onsite services will be reserved for critical issues only to minimize potential exposure for our staff and yours. Requests for onsite dispatch will be reviewed on a case by case basis by Edge Solutions Group management.

Project De-Prioritization:

In a few instances, we have lowered the priority of non-critical projects to increase our ability to support our clients’ efforts to work remotely. 

Supply Chains: Although we have a tremendously diversified supply chain, all of our hardware vendors have been impacted due to the COVID-19 outbreak’s origination in China, and unusually high demand. In additiion, the recent tornado in Nashville has introduced an additional 10-day delay on the shipment of Dell Outlet orders.  We are tracking current orders daily and working with our suppliers to prioritize orders and stay apprised of delivery status. 

Active Communication: As the situation changes and federal, state, and local directives are issued that may impact the ability to conduct business, we will work to provide you with necessary updates.

As the situation with COVID-19 constantly evolves, any applicable updates will be communicated to you via email. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please reach out to us directly. The Edge Solutions Group Service Desk can be reached by sending an email to  or by calling 310-499-4929, option 1.   Please note – sending us an email is truly the fastest way to get service as we don’t have to dedicate resources to taking down basic information or transcribing voice messages. 

Tips for Remote Work / Use of Resources You May Already Have:

Without getting into tremendous technical detail, below are some bullet points on tips to help you stay in better communication with your teams with the introduction of fully remote work.  Feel free to reach out to us if any of these require further explanation:

  • For Office365 subscribers who aren’t using Teams already, this is a great time to start – gives you chat, audio, video and team meeting capabilities  –
  • For clients already using 3CX as your phone system, the 3CX iOS, Android or Windows App is a excellent way to take your office phone extension with you.  For other systems, like Avaya and Shoretel, check with your phone support vendor for a remote extension license options.
  • Need to scan docs at home to send to someone?  Your SmartPhone is a better scanner than most cheap multi-function printers – check out the Scannable or the dozens of other Scanner Apps for your phone
  • Remote access to your office from a MacBook – if your Mac operating system is a bit outdated, please bring it current.  If the hardware prohibits further updates, the $15 Jump Desktop app might be just what you need.  Of course, ensure we’ve setup Remote Gateway Services for your office prior to purchasing
  • If you are going to ask your staff to use their computers for work, ask them to install the latest Mac OS and Windows updates – that will save us a ton of time in setting them up for remote access.
  • Bandwidth considerations when moving all your staff to the “other side” of your Internet connection – Spectrum cable subscribers, keep in mind your “upstream” bandwidth service is usually a fraction of your downstream bandwidth.  Moving all your staff to the outside, may cause some issues, especially for offices over 25 people.  Let us know if you are experiencing issues and VPN and Remote Desktop Connections that worked for the occasional use in the past are not keeping up.  We have alternatives we can implement relatively quickly.
  • Security issues and new phishing scams/attempts:
  1. We are already seeing the emergence of new scams related to the coronavirus on top of the plethora of scam calls and emails from bad characters presenting themselves as Microsoft and Apple support, bogus voice mail messages, police, sheriff and tax authorities coming to arrest you.  Be sure to look for the URL in the links you are clicking.  If it looks suspect, don’t click it and ask us for assistance. 
  2. We are NEVER going to ask you to provide credentials for anything through an email, or ask you to create anything by clicking a link.

Please let us know if there is anything I can clarify, or if we can be of service in any way – send us a note