Security Self-Assessments

The 5 Security Self-Assessments below are based on the NIST CyberSecurity Framework, which requires adopters to: (1)  Have the capability to Identify cyber threats and vulnerabilities, (2)  Protect themselves accordingly with security controls and defenses, (3)  Have the capability to Detect if security controls have been compromised, (4)  Respond to cyber-attacks, incidents and breaches and […]

Ditch the VPN – A Remote Gateway service is secure, fast, easy to deploy and effortless to use for your staff

Remote Desktop Gateway and Duo: A Winning Combo RD Gateway is a solution to allow your employees to connect to office desktops and servers remotely. The connection is secured with the same technology that is used in shopping and banking sites (HTTPS). Duo Mobile is a smartphone and tablet app that will send a notification […]

COVID-19 Update from Edge Solutions Group

We recognize the critical role in keeping your processes and systems up and running. Below you will find key components of our plan to ensure continuity of services to our clients, and your continuity of business operations, as well as some tips for the use of your technology in a remote context. Continuity of Service: […]