Virtually Eliminate the Risk of an Unrecoverable Catastrophic Event

error20boomOf course you have back ups of all the data in the office (…you do, right?) just to be safe. But in the event of a flood, power outage or earthquake (to name a few), what’s your plan for accessing your computer system?

An “unrecoverable catastrophic event” generally refers to an occurrence that physically damages your servers. Earthquakes definitely fall into that category (especially here in Los Angeles – did you feel the recent shake?), but it also might look like something as simple as the drive won’t spin, or the sprinklers went off in your building, or your building is undergoing quarterly power testing.

How will you access your email during an event like this?

The Solution: Viva Las Vegas!
No one can predict when things like this will occur. In order to protect our clients from losing everything in the event of a catastrophe, we set up a copy of their servers in Las Vegas.

Vegas is perfect because it’s far enough away from Southern California that in the event of a tsunami, earthquake, flood, etc., it’s unlikely that it will be touched. Not to mention that there aren’t many extreme natural disasters in the Mojave Desert.

However, if we do need to physically access the servers, Las Vegas is just a quick flight away.

We set up your servers remotely so you can access your data at any time, from any place, even if your office is inaccessible.

It Doesn’t Cost a Fortune
Setting up this kind of remote server used to be too expensive for many small companies to consider. However, with the cost of bandwidth and server virtualization, it’s actually a lot cheaper these days.

You can set up remote servers in Las Vegas for the low thousands. You’ve invested considerable time and money into your company. Protect it. Call Edge Solutions Group at (310) 499-4929 or shoot us an email to get started.


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