Time Thieves!

file cabinetTell me if it sounds familiar:

It’s 3:14 pm on a Thursday afternoon and you’re working on an important project for a high-paying client with a deadline. You realize that you’re missing an important budget spreadsheet from 2011, so you get up from your desk and make your way across the office toward the numerous file cabinets that house all your clients’ information.

On the way, you yawn and realize that a cup of coffee would give you a nice afternoon pick-me-up, so you stop at the kitchenette for a fill-up. Now it’s 3:15 pm.

When you get there, you see that your mug is still dirty in the sink from this morning and you begin to hurriedly wash it out. Brenda walks up behind you, asks you about your plans for the weekend and shares with you hers. You fill up your coffee and continue on your path to the file cabinets. It is now 3:21 pm. You dig through the file cabinets, where everything is organized by date, but can’t seem to find the document you’re looking for. You solicit help from the administrative assistant, who directs you to the second file cabinet, which is organized by project, and you finally find what you’re looking for and return to your desk.

The time is now 3:32 pm, and you just spent 18 minutes completing a task that could have taken 5 seconds. How many 18-minute chunks (or more) are spent performing a task that should have taken a matter of seconds? While the 18-minute chunks are perhaps easier to notice in retrospect, how many 3-minute chunks do you think are stolen from you daily? These stolen chunks are not only lost time, but it also throws you out of “the zone” and you have to spend the time and energy to get back in the flow.

The Solution? Document Retrieval
Edge Solutions Group offers a simple and effective electronic document retrieval system so that your important files are literally at your fingertips. It’s intuitive, user friendly and customizeable!

Imagine how much farther along in your project you would be had you not lost those 18 minutes, and how much more in focus you would you remain.

Arrest these time thieves and reclaim your time and energy today! Call 310-499-4929 or email today.


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