The #1 Reason Your Employees Are Missing Project Deadlines

deadline1You know your company offers a valuable product or service and you know your employees are smart and capable (after all, you hired them, didn’t you?). So how does it make any sense when your workers consistently cut it close to deadlines or turn in material that isn’t their best, or worse – miss deadlines?

Maybe it’s not your employees. Perhaps it’s time to look at your workflow system to evaluate how important projects and deadlines are falling through the cracks.

If You Don’t Know it’s There, You Can’t Work on It
Let’s say you’re the designer on an important web account. You know the client’s name, you know their color scheme, and you know what tone they’re after. You sketched out ideas for the updated logo and put it in your supervisor’s inbox for approval. Now you’re just waiting for feedback so you can move forward with the design.

So you wait. And keep waiting. In the meantime, you work on other projects, but it doesn’t occur to you until the morning before the project is due to check in with your superior to make sure she received the material and had a chance to look it over.

As it turns out, she never received the materials. Now everyone is scrambling to complete the project on time… and the submitted work just isn’t up to par simply because important paperwork was lost in the shuffle.

Workflow is Like a Pizza Parlor
When your favorite pizza place is making a pizza, they have a person tossing the dough, another is preparing the sauce and yet another is ready with the cheese, toppings, etc. Everyone has his/her job. But if the sauce guy doesn’t know that the dough gal is done with their part of the job, the cheese guy is just waiting around and wasting time.

With automated workflow systems, we set up your projects so that the moment the dough guy is finished with his tossing, the sauce gal gets an alert. Then she can do her job and send the pizza along to the cheese guy, who sprinkles the pie with mozzarella and sends the pizza to the oven. (Is anyone else getting hungry?) As all of that happens the dough guy is on to the next pie before the previous pizza is out the door. That’s what we call efficiency.

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