Why your in-house IT dept. is so slow (HINT: It’s not what you think)

SkeletonAtComputerWe hear comments like this all the time: “I called our in-house IT department to help me find a document on my computer and it took them hours to get back to me. In the meantime, I have a client waiting on my response!”

This type of dynamic can be incredibly frustrating in the office, leading to friction between employees, breaks in natural workflow and general unhappiness all around. The IT depts. must know that, right? So why do they take so long to get things done? It would take them two seconds to run over to you office and retrieve the document you need… right?

It may seem that simple, but your IT dept. is in the middle of a server update (meaning he’s doing his job to keep your systems up-to-date), but he can’t get through it because people keep emailing him asking for help finding documents and emails on their computers. One IT guy once  say to me once, “It will only take me 10 minutes to do that… But I need them all in a row.”

I thought it was quasi-amusing too.

Your IT staff is likely very good at what they do and are good employees. they generally gets things done well and as quickly as possible. But speed is a function of support and resources. If your IT department is well qualified and motivated but services is still lacking for you, your office is likely suffering from a case of the under supported IT staff.

Reality Check
Your in-house IT department knows your office. They know the systems, the people and they are the liaison between the technology and your employees. The problem comes in when your day-to-day needs are just a bit too much for them. Instant demands and immediate needs that pull them away from other tasks slow things down for them or, if they don’t stop what they’re doing, for you. There is likely more technology in your office than you realize needs the IT department’s attention.

Of course, the IT staff aren’t likely to tell you this because they want to keep their jobs. And we want them to keep their jobs, too!

Support Your Tech Support
If you’re waiting for IT help, you don’t need to hire new IT people or fire anyone. You need to provide them the resources they need to ensure your success. Imagine how great it would be if they IT staff were available all the time for the day-to-day nuances of the office because someone else was monitoring and updating your systems constantly? And what if that “someone else” cost significantly less than hiring another full-time employee?

At Edge Solutions Group, we specialize in supporting your IT department. We don’t want to take their jobs; we want to make them better at their jobs by giving them the support they need to give a stellar performance every day. When we’re around to take care of the fundamental (and time-consuming) work of keeping everything secure and up-to-date, your IT staff can handle the more urgent tasks.

We support tech support. Call (310) 499-4929 or email Edge Solutions Group for tech support today.

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