Are Your Vendors Giving You the Run-Around?

frustration_reliefNot too long ago, we went into an accounting practice to get their systems working more smoothly. When we asked about the phone systems, the manager told us, “Well, you can try calling those guys, but they always take forever to get back to us.”

Now there’s a red flag if I ever saw one.

We soon discovered their phone system was a “Band-Aid” solution that barely kept itself together. And one of my favorite things to do when I see a Band-Aid in a corporate office is rip it off.

Everyone Comes Out to Play Ball
When the phone system broke (as it was never properly configured in the first place), the telephone support vendor finally started calling back and engaging with us. In talking with them we made it clear that these kinds of temporary fixes weren’t going to suffice any longer. Once they understood that we knew what we were doing, they started working with us and responding. They went out of their way to make themselves available over the weekend and they followed through impeccably with everything we asked them to do. After all; no one wants to be seen as an inadequate vendor.

Keep ‘Em Honest
We’ve seen this issue before, and it’s always to the detriment of the client. A few years ago while working with a large corporation, one of the partners needed a remote phone in her home that linked to the office. She had it, but it had been sitting there for over two years without working.

In this situation, the phone vendor was blaming the network guys for not being able to get it working and the network guys were blaming the phone vendors. We found the disconnection and the vendors fixed the problem within hours.

Are these stories reminding you of anything inefficient that’s going on in your office?

We Speak the Common Tongue
It can be really helpful to have a consultant around that actually knows what they’re talking about and provides real solutions. Your phone vendors and your network vendors don’t have much of an incentive to play nice with each other (it’s so much easier to just blame the other party!) until someone like us comes along.

We speak the language to talk to the people who support your electronics needs, and we have a vested interested in getting all the parties to play nice together. Isn’t it time to stop beating around the bush and find some solutions that will make your office run more smoothly?

We specialize in keeping your vendors honest. Call (310) 499-4929 or email Edge Solutions Group and let’s discuss how we can get your vendors playing nicely together.

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