Net Neutrality: Are you getting what you pay for?

small-business-internet-marketing-confusionEveryone is talking about Net Neutrality these days. There are a few complications with the issue but today let’s explore one: how the Net Neutrality issue will affect your business.

First, let’s look at what it is. Oversimplified, Net Neutrality is a Fast Track lane on the highway. At 4AM, the highway is pretty empty. You have several standard lanes and an inner lane that is labeled Fast Track. It has sensors and have to pay a fee to use it. If you use the Fast Track lane without pre-paying, you will find a big fat ticket in your mailbox within the month.

At 4AM its unlikely you’ll need an express lane. However at 8AM, that lane is pretty nice when flying past everyone else who’s crawling along in the standard lanes.

Tiered Service
The analogy I just used is a pretty good way to explain the tiered service that internet service providers are proposing. For a slightly higher fee, you can purchase better and faster internet service. Or, if you only get online at 4AM, you might just pay the lower rate and be fine.

Is it fair for these carries to charge more for high speed? Probably. For most products/services there is an option to pay a premium for better service; cable TV, for example. But is it going to affect Edge Solutions clients? No, it won’t.

Get What You Pay For
At Edge Solutions Group, we buy bandwidth from internet service providers at a guaranteed level of service. Whether we use it or not, that bandwidth is available to us. If we want guaranteed bandwidth, we go to a carrier that can provide it and we know we will pay a little more. Otherwise, we can use a provider like Truly Wacky Cable (TWC)  and risk getting less than full bandwidth during peak online traffic times.

How does it affect business? It forces us to spend more money on bandwidth in order to guarantee that we’ll have it when needed. However, in return we get to do things that we couldn’t otherwise do. For example, one of our corporate clients pays $1000 per month for internet access. It seems like a lot, but that access grants them 100 mega bits of bandwidth. That allows them to have an offsite facility in Las Vegas where there is a complete replica of their data in the case of a catastrophic event, like an earthquake.

So for $1000, they’re getting a pretty good deal.

Ultimately, you pay for quality. When you invest in a quality service, you will then be able to turn that around and offer higher value to your clients and customers. Satisfied clients generate more clients and that expense provides an excellent ROI.

Are you CERTAIN you’re getting the most out of your internet service provider? Let’s find out. Call 310-499-4929 or email today.


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