Laserfiche for Lawyers

You want to increase efficiency and reduce costs. You want to simplify everyday tasks and eliminate paper-based processes. But you need to do it all at a price that makes sense.  Laserfiche is a powerful document and business process management software that fits the way you work, at a price that fits your budget—regardless of your industry. It provides the ability to establish and deploy information management standards while giving individual businesses the tools to customize its system to meet their needs. With document imaging, document management, business process management and records management baked into the core system architecture, Laserfiche makes it possible to standardize data management on a single ECM system – revolutionizing the way information is managed, shared and presented.

The way we deploy Laserfiche is generally as an ECM suite (Electronic Content Management) for small to medium organizations with fewer than 100 users. But this blog post is focused on law firms and lawyers specifically. Why? Because lawyers make a living by reviewing documents, analyzing data, and making decisions based on information they have. For the lawyer or law firm piling up paper in the office, taking hours to find a passage from an obscure document obtained months ago, Laserfiche could really save you time, and in the long run it could win you the case.

The legal industry in general is powered by information, so inefficiency and duplication of effort processing, managing, securing and sharing information can significantly affect how smoothly the wheels of justice keep turning—and how public resources are being spent. That’s why the legal industry is finding value, efficiency and security using Laserfiche enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to eliminate waste and automate inefficient paper-based processes.

First, it provides both departmental flexibility and enterprise control, extending flexibility over filing, repository design and workflow to individual departments and offices, while still enabling IT to set and maintain top-level standards. Laserfiche systems are designed to fit the diverse users of all comfort levels and positions in departments, offices and institutions across the enterprise. In other words, it’s not terribly complex to use.

Second, it utilizes proprietary search technology developed exclusively for the system. The Laserfiche search engine was developed specifically for Laserfiche and provides the ability to find information based on document contents, metadata, location, relationship, system properties or any combination. Laserfiche’s full-text search and ability to locate individual documents within client folders would make case information that much easier to look up. Lawyers need not rummage through scanned documents saved on their unsecured desktop, or spend hours in the storage room with a flashlight. If you need a document to build your argument, with Laserfiche it’s a click away. If you need to search through thousands of documents by keyword, author, date, metadata or any string of information, Laserfiche will find it for you in seconds.

Not in the office?  Laserfiche Mobile iPhone and iPad apps extend governance, risk and compliance standards all the way to mobile devices. By tracking and auditing all mobile activity occurring in Laserfiche, Laserfiche Mobile combines the flexibility of mobility with the iron-clad security and audit-proof compliance you’ve come to expect from the Laserfiche suite. In other words, if you have a smart phone, you can access all of your documents on Laseriche from the road, or double check that discovery file from the courthouse without worrying about security. In fact, if you’re a lawyer with access to Laserfiche software, you can take advantage of the opposition in a number of ways. Let’s talk about how you can stun the opposing counsel with your superior preparation:

Document management

Document management with Laserfiche helps lawyers worldwide, in any type of practice, optimize business processes and reduce operating costs while making information both more accessible and more secure.

• Access all your information from the office or the courtroom

• Manage case files more effectively

• Improve profitability by automating complex business processes

• Enhance litigation preparation throughout your firm

 Manage All Your Information More Effectively

Paper case file folders can be difficult to locate and update, and frequently impede information exchange among attorneys, file clerks and secretaries. With Laserfiche, you store all your information—including scanned paper documents, e-mails, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, digital audio and video files, photographs and PDFs—in a central, secure repository, so staff can easily locate and share information.

• Quickly and easily access, add and update case file information, regardless of format.

• Enable multiple staff members to access the same case file simultaneously.

• Assign templates to each file type to simplify document sorting, search and retrieval.

• Secure sensitive information with blackout and whiteout redaction tools.

 Improve Case File Management and Provide Outstanding Client Service

Stop Lugging Around Bulky File Folders and Banker’s Boxes

With Web AccessTM, you and your staff can work with documents anytime, anywhere. Web Access provides the full functionality of the Laserfiche ClientTM, with the minimal installation and support requirements of a Web application. And with Laserfiche PlusTM , you can burn entire case files to CD or DVD, so you can work with your files wherever you are—even if the computer you’re using doesn’t have access to Laserfiche.

 Automate Manual Work Processes

With Workflow™, you can automate business processes so your staff can spend less time handling paper and more time on revenue-generating activities. Workflow provides a graphical canvas to model complex processes, so you eliminate bottlenecks and ensure constant productivity. Quick Fields capture and indexing tools further automate manual processing, so your staff can use their time more efficiently.

• Transfer electronic files from network directories, fax servers and multi-function peripherals.

• Import photographs directly from digital cameras.

• Extract data from bar codes and forms to automatically create document names, populate template fields and sort and file documents.

• Permanently stamp archived documents with Bates Numbers.

 Improve Litigation Preparation and Performance

Laserfiche gives you an efficient, cost-effective way to manage the high volume of documents—including depositions, transcripts, e-mail and other e-discovery documents—generated during litigation.

Speed Document Review

KPMG estimates that first-level document review encompasses anywhere between 58 and 90 percent of total litigation costs. Laserfiche streamlines document review so your staff quickly narrows the document set for further review.

• Annotate documents with working notes.

• Locate information —even in handwritten paper documents—with powerful indexing functionality.

• Quickly identify pertinent documents with highlighted search results.

• Separate and secure privileged information with user- , folder- and document-level security.

• Export search results to an Excel spreadsheet to quickly identify “hot” documents.


Simplify the Discovery Process

Copying and distributing discovery documents is one of the most resource-consuming components of litigation. With Laserfiche, you reduce the costs of discovery production, both in staffing and supplies.

• Provide opposing counsel with secure read-only Web access to discovery documents.

• Enable opposing counsel to submit discovery documents electronically, which can then be added to the master case file.

• Securely redact privileged information from discoverable documents.

• Burn documents to CDs with included viewers and search functionality, enabling access from computers that do not have Laserfiche software installed.

Streamline Litigation Preparation

Preparing for litigation often involves time-consuming searches through boxes of documents. Drop your highlighter and use Laserfiche to easily search the case file—you’ll be more familiar with your case and better-prepared for testimony and cross-examination.

• Search the full text of transcripts, witness statements and depositions and save results for use at trial.

• Use bolded lines of context to quickly identify when a witness refers to an item at issue.

• Sort documents chronologically to establish a timeline and easily identify sequences of events.

• Create shortcuts to important documents, maintaining the integrity of the case file while separating out specific documents needed for trial.

• Promote better communication


If you’re interested in Laserfiche, we as certified resellers can provide end-to-end installation and support. Not to mention we’ve developed our own application that works in conjunction with Laserfiche called “Edgefiler,” making it even easier than ever to navigate the system. Call us at (310) 499-4929 and talk to the owner himself Michael Kamen, or our senior IT Consultant Nestor Sarmiento. For more information visit or tweet us @edgemanaged.

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