Know When to Hold ‘Em, Know When to Fold ‘Em

ah-pokerWe get a lot of calls from new clients who are at their wit’s end with their technology. They tried the DIY route thinking that it would be a cinch to match everything up, only to find that it was much more complicated than they expected.

By the time we walk into the office, one of two things happens: either it’s such a mess that we have to scrap everything and start again with machines that can recognize each other, or we find creative ways to extend the life of machines that are already in the office.

At Edge Solutions Group, we go by the motto: You gotta know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em (thanks Mom, for playing Kenny Rogers on 8-track in our station wagon!).

When to Hold ‘Em
If you need more storage and you have an older server that runs well but doesn’t have enough slots for the disks, you could add network attach storage that works with the existing server without having a compatibility issue.

Simply put, if you keep adding stuff that doesn’t quite tie together, you won’t get the most for your money.

At Edge Solutions Group, we keep your older hardware communicating smoothly with the new hardware for as long as possible. We love saving you money.

When to Fold ‘Em
Sometimes it’s best to just scuttle the ship to make a coral reef out of it and build a brand new one. Every now and then we walk into an office that has a bunch of machines that just aren’t compatible. None of them will talk to each other for various reasons, and it will actually cost you more money to maintain them in the long run. My grandfather did this kind of thing sometimes and people said he was “penny wise and pound foolish.”

Starting over might seem like an undesirable outcome, the truth is that cleaning things up will save yourself a huge headache in the future.

Think of your old, piecemeal system as a ’66 Fastback. As much as you love that old car, sometimes you just have to give it up. Otherwise, you’ll spend $800 this month for a new transmission, only to find out that the brakes need to be redone next month and that will be another $500. The month after that, the carburetor has to be rebuilt, and before you know it, you could have bought a new car with the money you invested in the old one.

Don’t get me wrong. There is something to be said for that cherry ’66 when you drive it down the street. But it’s never going to compete with the cars today. And your business isn’t in place for the sake of nostalgia.

Tip your hand and let us take a look. We’ll let you know how your hand is best played. Call 310-499-4929 or email today for a free system evaluation.

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