Interview With IT Expert Reveals 3 Ways to Cut your Network Upgrade and Support Costs

If you are the owner or IT manager of a company with 10 or more workstations and you’re planning to upgrade your computer network within the next few months, it’s extremely important that you read this excerpt from an interview with technology expert, Michael Kamen, President of Edge Solutions Group located in Santa Monica, California.

Thanks to a major new advancement in computer hardware and technology, the team here at Edge Solutions Group is now able to offer an alternative to expensive, support-intensive workstations that is literally saving our clients thousands of dollars on IT hardware and support. Best of all, this new way of networking won’t force you to change the way you use your PC- you can still use the same programs you use right now without sacrificing speed, convenience, or performance. The techie term is “desktop virtualization,” but our clients are calling it “pure genius” because of the money it saves them. Here’s how:

It reduces the annual maintenance cost of the average workstation from $750 to $375 and allows you to get 4-6 years use out of your desktops instead of having to replace them every 3 years. That means a simple 10 user network will cost $11,250 LESS to install and support over a 3 year period- and that savings goes straight to your bottom line profit.

It’s greener technology that cuts power usage in half (saving you a LOT on electricity) and reduces the landfill waste of big, overblown workstations. The average personal, not business, computer costs $43 a year as shown below.

Personal Computer and Monitor:

[(120 Watts + 150 Watts) × 4 hours/day × 365 days/year] ÷ 1000
= 394 kWh × 11 cents/kWh
= $43.34/year

Hypothetically speaking, if you have a 10 person network where nobody works more than 3-4 hours a day (average personal use) you’re still spending $430 a year, and that’s a generous estimate. Try doubling that for full-time employees, and you begin to see that money is power, literally.

Additionally, it makes it virtually impossible for your employees to screw up the network by downloading unauthorized programs, software, viruses, etc., which means fewer problems and less money spent on IT repairs, virus cleanups, security breaches and help desk support.

Should a PC be infected with a virus, hacked or corrupted in some way, we can get it back up and running in under 30 minutes. Plus, we can get a NEW workstation online in under 60 minutes versus the normal 1-2 days it takes to set up a normal workstation.

Click the following hyperlink for Basic video introduction to desktop virtualization

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