How One Little Tweak Saved This Company $24,000

save-money1If you ever do business over the phone, especially internationally, you’re going to want to read this.

Recently, a small Los Angeles firm of about 16 employees asked us to take a look at their phone systems. They have offices in New York and communicate via telephone with agencies overseas on a daily basis.

They had a very old phone system that was using copper lines coming in from the phone company, which cost a ridiculous amount of money for the number of lines they needed to support. Their carrier was charging an absurd long distance rate of about $1-$4/minute, depending upon where they were calling.

Imagine how high your phone bill would be if you paid an average of $2.50 per minute on all your international calls!

On top of that, the obsolete phone system couldn’t perform many functions beyond basic outbound calls and dialing extensions within the office.

This meant that providing an executive with an office line in their home would have cost hundreds of dollars with the local phone company.

Enter, Edge Solutions Group
We first installed a new phone system that provided a lower flat rate for domestic calls and cut their international costs from $2.50/min to $.04/min.

In addition, they upgraded to some really cool technology. One of their employees in Santa Barbara now has a phone at home that calls directly in to the office. To dial a co-worker, all she has to do is dial that employee’s extension just as she would if she were in the office.

That function also works internationally. An employee in Spain can easily dial in to a conference call happening in Los Angeles just by picking up his phone and dialing the appropriate extension.

The result was that we literally saved this company $24,000 a year in phone expenses.

Stop Wasting Money
The truth is, if you’re spending more than a few hundred dollars a month, you’re probably wasting money. We can help.

Edge Solutions Group will review your phone bill for you – for free – and give you an idea of how much money you could save with a new phone system.

Call us today at (310) 499-4929 or email for a free evaluation.

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