Is it Time for Your Technology to Graduate?

graduating_computer1It’s that time of year again! Graduation ceremonies are happening all month and graduates are eagerly anticipating the big life upgrade that’s coming their way.

With all this graduating going on, maybe it’s time to take a look at your technology. Is it time for your technology to graduate to the next level?

I talked to some new clients yesterday who are still using Windows 2003. They weren’t even aware of just how important it is to keep things current when it comes to the business of your technology. Even Office 2007, while it’s current, is several years old at this point.

Stay in the Game
We’re getting to a point where the older stuff is no longer supported. This is more than an issue of not having the latest widget on your desktop or having access to a cool new feature. If you’re running on an old exchange server, drivers are no longer available for that hardware. That means that when you do invest in purchasing new hardware, it won’t work on your outdated system.

A great example is Microsoft Office. If I create a Word document in Office 2013 and send it to someone who is still using Office 2003, they literally won’t be able to open it. The software can’t recognize the document. In order for them to read it, I would have to save it as a downgraded version. Of course, you won’t know this until you get a call or email informing you. Then you’ll have to go back into the file, re-save and re-send it. Time wasted.

How Often Should You Upgrade?
Here at Edge Solutions Group we have pretty simple guidelines for how often you should upgrade your systems.

If you like yourself and value your time, upgrade every 18 months. If you’re just okay with yourself, every 36 months will be fine. And if you don’t like yourself, every 5 years will do.

But seriously, if you value your time you won’t keep a computer that’s more than 24 months old. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time. If you look at the cost average of a $1000 machine over the course of 36 months, it’s negligible compared to how much time you will save.

If your computer isn’t moving fast enough, it’s time to ditch it. Any questions?

Edge Solutions Group can help you update your systems and keep them current. Call 310-499-4929 or email today for a free system evaluation.

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