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MS Outlook“Can you please resend me that email?”

If you work in an environment anything like the ones I have in the past, you’ve heard this from coworkers many times.

“Sure,” you say to them, thinking it will be a quick and easy task, only to discover that you can no longer find the email, or that it has been archived, or that your IT department has made some unannounced change to your system making that quick and easy task a 20 minute (or more) lesson in frustration.

I feel your pain. And I’m here to help. To improve email speed and performance here is what you can do: ROAM!

No, I don’t mean leave your desk and wander the halls (although that may seem like an enticing idea). R.O.A.M. is my acronym for Root, Organize, Add-ins, and Mailbox size. ROAM is your key to email efficiency.

1.   R = Root inbox
Keep your root inbox (that’s the “inbox” folder into which all emails come) as small as possible. This folder loads up first when you open Outlook and it tries to show all the items in this folder. The smaller it is (smaller meaning # of items), the faster it loads.

2.   O = Organize
File away items in subfolders. Not only will this make it easier for you to locate emails, it also makes it easier for Outlook to display when accessing the folders. Be careful not to over-organize! Creating more than 350 subfolders in Outlook will make Outlook slow and frustrating. (I can hardly keep track of 350 friends on Facebook, so having 350 subfolders of emails would make roaming the halls sound even more enticing.)

3.   A = Add-ins
Remove any unnecessary add-ins like Hotmail Connector or Send Personally to speed up Outlook startup and performance.

4.   M = Mailbox size
Keep your overall mailbox size under 8GB. Large mailboxes yield poor performance.

I know; that last one can be a challenge. Personally, I like having every email I’ve ever sent or received secure and quickly accessible, which makes working at Edge Solutions Group rather convenient as we have email archiving solutions that keep my computer running fast and my emails at the ready.

To learn more about how to optimize your email systems or about email archiving options, call us at 310-499-4929 or email us at


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