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pushy-resized-600I never have worked for a car dealership, however it is my feeling that the first thing to do before buying or leasing a new car – yes, some of us still BUY cars – is to decide what kind of car you want/need. If you’re uncertain about this, you run the risk of ending up with a car the dealer would like you to have and not necessarily what you need. Perhaps that means an older model or one that has been sitting on the lot too long and that they need to unload as soon as possible.

My apologies if I’ve offended any car dealers.

Recently I had a similar experience here at ESG. A sales representative from a vendor, we’ll call him Harry N. Buyitnow, contacted me and while professing to be focused on OUR needs, it very quickly became clear to me that it was actually Harry’s agenda – getting the order – that was of paramount importance to him. (Harry is just one of the reasons I love my 3CX VoIP phone – even when on my cell he only sees my office number on the ID.)

I must admit that even though I didn’t love the way in which he presented “what they can do for us,” the pitch had validity. Still, I politely declined. But why? If purchasing and selling Harry N. Buyitnow’s products would be good for ESG in a few different ways, why did I not take advantage of this opportunity?

Simple: You. Don’t. Need. It. Not at this moment, anyway.

Like a Dell SonicWALL unit we opted to prevent this intrusion into your business. Our goal is to make sure you have what you need when you need it – not just what we want you to have. We review your account and when we see that you’re ready for an HP upgrade, we contact you. When Laserfiche® releases new software that will help you more easily manage your documents, we contact you. If we haven’t had lunch with you in a while, we contact you. (OK, we might be overdue on lunch and we apologize for that.) I’ll mention it to Michael.

Our mission at ESG is “to partner with our clients and provide the most reliable and secure custom I.T. services to effectively manage their infrastructure. Building and maintaining close relationships inspires us to anticipate and prevent or solve technological challenges. Our commitment is to equip and support our client partners with quality resources, empowering them to maintain and improve their relationships and increase overall R.O.I.  With value added products and services such as document management and VOIP, our goal is to ensure that technologies are assets, not problems.”

Of course if you aren’t sure which of our products and/or services are best suited to your needs, we will consult with you and ensure that you don’t end up with a mini van. (Unless, of course that works best for you.)


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