Five Things Your IT Guy Isn’t Saying – And How They’re Hurting You!

red-tape-covered-mouth-250x250“We need to talk” might be the best thing someone can say to me if they want to get my attention and let me know that this would be a good time for me to brace myself for a harsh dose of truth (particularly if this is said by a woman). Well guess what? We need to talk.

I appreciate a diplomatic approach to delivering sensitive information and sometimes it’s better to be a little more direct. But today I’m just going out on a limb and provide a little of “the tough love,” or TTL, since we geeks love our acronyms.

TTL is that there are five things your IT guy isn’t saying that affects your ability to do your job. Brace yourself; this is where it gets a little harsh.

idiot1. “You’re an idiot.”

Now, of COURSE you aren’t an idiot. But sometimes your IT guy is shocked at what he sees as your lack of understanding of your systems. Maybe he rolls his eyes or lets out an audible sigh when certain requests come in. (Or maybe it seems as if he’s about to drive a bulldozer through the lobby like it did at a previous job I held.)

Whatever the case, he’s probably tired of dealing with tech issues that are, in his estimation, “beneath him” and he wishes you would just learn some basic stuff so he can do “more important” things.

The Tough Love (TTL): He’s pretty frustrated with you and your menial issues.

This leads me to the second thing your IT guy isn’t saying:

technology panic2. “I need help.”

Your IT guy isn’t exactly mistaken. While finding that lost email is of the utmost importance to you, making sure the entire server isn’t crashing or hacked probably pings higher on his radar. Even when he’s doing a job that only takes him 10 minutes, he is going to need those minutes all in a row. And he certainly can’t stop down in the middle of massive system update to help you.

You’ve called in trouble tickets before and heard the acronym-filled rhetoric about how you have a corrupt DLL file, or that he has to get into the registry editor, or he’ll need to reconfig the primary marzelvane so it syncs up when the multiplexer connects to the unilateral phase detractor.

Yes, I’m making all of that up. (But IT guy knows you don’t know that.)

The bottom line is that you just have to wait and, worse yet, tell your client that THEY just have to wait.

TTL: He knows you’re pretty frustrated with him, too. But you’re still going to have to wait.

I Don't know3. “I don’t know.”

Is something taking longer than expected? Sometimes even the most experienced IT guy has no idea what the problem is. (Some of us enjoy new challenges.) But sometimes it’s confounding and we consider the possibility that there are gremlins in your machine. (Don’t feed them after midnight.)

Also, technology changes fast. (You know this because you saw how quickly your new smartphone became obsolete.) And while most changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary, IT guys that have been in place for a while have a tendency to become masters of the equipment you have, and unaware when it comes to what you actually need.

TTL: Your IT guy might not be up to speed on new/emerging technologies.

ProudManPointingAtSelf4. “It’s my fault.”

Maybe your IT guy DID hear about that new widget and it’s just PERFECT for your company. So he got it. He installed it. AND… Uh-oh.

Your computer worked just fine yesterday and today things are wonky. (It’s an industry term.) Upgrades happen. Software changes. And sometimes when your IT guy changes something, he forgets he needs to reconfigure something else or isn’t aware of potential compatibility issues.

TTL: Your IT guy has made a mistake at some point. And you and your client are the ones that pay for it.

This takes me to the most important thing you don’t know and that your IT guy isn’t saying…

FingerPointing5. “You’re my boss.”

Whether you’re the CEO or newest, entry level intern in the company, YOU are the one who directs the IT guy. If your computer doesn’t work the way it should, if you don’t have the resources you need to do your job to the best of your ability, YOU are the one who needs to go to the powers that be and inform them. And they in turn need to make sure you get it in order to ensure success.

TTL: Your IT guy isn’t going to do it for you.

The solution is simple. What you, and your IT guy, need is “tech support support,” or TSS, if you will. That is how we can help.

Our help desk handles the “menial” things that interrupt your IT guy and prevent him from doing “more important” things. He’ll be less frustrated with you, and you with him. We provide the support he needs but for which he will never ask. We monitor your systems so we can prevent problems and not just solve them. When problems happen, we work with your IT guy to come up with innovative solutions and change his “I don’t know” to “I got this.” We ensure we, and your IT guy, are up to speed on emerging technologies and informed of updates/upgrades well ahead of time so you always have what YOU need, and prevent you and your clients from waiting.

In the end, you get what you need, and your IT guy looks like a hero for managing his department and staff with increased efficiency and effectiveness. And the best part: We’ll do it for a fraction of the cost of hiring another IT guy as an FTE!

Don’t throw your IT guy under the bus (or let him do it to you). Increase efficiency and productivity. Decrease down time. Call (310) 499-4929 or email Edge Solutions Group for tech support support today.

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