3 Reasons In-House IT Teams Love Us

thumbs upWhenever Edge Solutions Group begins working with a new client, it takes a little time for the in-house IT team to get used to us being around. Sometimes they see us as a threat at first because we are asked to take a look at what needs to be “fixed” with regard to their IT infrastructure, or sometimes they fear their jobs are about to be outsourced. Once they realize we’re here to help them, they love us. And here are the top three reasons why:

1. We Soothe Office Dynamics
When an IT department is overwhelmed, it tends to bear the brunt of office hostility. Imagine that your IT staff is scrambling to get your servers updated so the system can work seamlessly by the end of the day, but the sales department upstairs can’t find important contact information and has been asking for support for a couple hours.

From the IT perspective, resentments sound like, “Can’t you just run a simple search on your machine to find it? I really need to finish this update!”

From the sales department, complaints sound like, “It would be so easy for you to take 4 seconds to find this document. How hard can it be?”

Both parties are frustrated. When Edge Solutions Group comes in, we manage the infrastructure and updates so your IT staff is free to handle daily requests in a timely manner. Everyone in the office feels taken care of and your IT department isn’t stretched too thin.

2. We Ask Questions
When you tell your in-house staff what you need done, they go and get it done. But they can be so busy keeping things running in your office that they don’t necessarily have time to continually educate themselves about the latest technology.

When you tell us you need something done, we might first ask you why. Then instead of doing what you thought you wanted, we provide you with an alternative that can save you time and money.

Your IT staff is great at giving you what you want. But how can they give you what you need if even you aren’t sure what that is? Even when you aren’t sure of the right questions, Edge Solutions Group provides the best answers.

3. We Make Them Look Good
Most of the time, the IT teams have been in place for a while and they’re masters of the systems that you use in your office. But managing your infrastructure takes time. And because they’re so busy maintaining your existing equipment, they might not know about emerging technologies (that’s our job), that are vital to the efficiency of your office.

Think of it like a WWII battleship. A veteran of that era will be able to keep that ship running like no one else. However if you suddenly start upgrading radar systems and engines, he’s going to need some help from the people who are more familiar with the newer hardware. We respect his history with the vessel and we’re here to support him with the changes.

Ready to turn the tables and support your IT staff the way they have supported you? Call (310) 499-4929 or email Edge Solutions Group for support today.

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